Do You Know Facts About Our organic Beef?

Our Organic Beef Is Naturally

High In Protein

Low Salt

Sugar Free

Gluten Free

Our Organic Beef Is

Hormone Free

GMO Free

Chemical Free

DNA Tracable

Free Range

Certified Organic

Grass Fed

Ultra Tender

Produced To Perfection

How to explain why Irish Beef is as good as it is?

Well, it is a combination of factors that merge to a happy confluence that result in our great tasting beef.

Firstly, it is the animal. Our organic cattle are treated with respect, no antibiotics, no hormones and no routine medicines are allowed to be used. We can guarantee no residues in our meat. Also due to non-use of herbicides and pesticides our organic farms are free from these residues. Our cattle live on the land in a totally natural environment.

Secondly, it is the grass advantage. All our organic beef cattle are raised on vegetarian grass fed diets only. Ireland is very fortunate to have a weather system influenced by the Gulf Stream, a mild climate with lots of rain. This helps our organic grass to grow all year around, giving our livestock a happy and healthy life and while also creating a wonderful eating quality in the meat.

So as well as delicious, it means
our Irish Beef is:

  • - Natural
  • - Sustainable
  • - Always Ultra-Tender®

And thirdly, Ultra-Tender® is a process developed and patented by ABP Food Group. Drawing on 40 years of experience, this process is scientifically proven to increase tenderness and consistency.

Our organic beef, raised on grass, on sustainable Irish organic farms where animal welfare is priority. The combination of this trinity of factors... succulent, flavoursome and tender Irish Beef. Every-time.

Irish Beef, Born & Bred

Our meat is a token of quality for its regularity and also for its exceptional taste. The texture of the meat is due to the ideal percentage of fat to lean which is a result of rearing conditions and environment of Irish farms.

Grass Fed, Family Led

Full Of Flavor

John Purcell from Good Herdsmen Organic farm is one of our suppliers and has a genuine respect for his livestock. This coupled with a deep commitment to sustainable practices has helped secure our company’s position as one of the most trusted organic meat producers in Europe.

Our philosophy is to offer the best quality beef that is available from grass fed organic cattle, we hope that good wholesome foods like our beef will remain one of the great joys of life.

The eating quality of Irish Beef has been further acknowledged with achievements in the Great Taste Awards.